Preliminary schedule


Medal matches will be taken at the end of the age group




09:00 -U18 Competition
about 12:30U21 competition
about 14:30Seniors competition



      09:00 - 11:00BTC Baltic Training Camp 2020
      11:00 - 13:00Lunch
       13:00 - 15:00BTC Baltic Training Camp 2020


Here you can see weight class / tatami and about timetable.

LIVE Results - JudoShiai coach codes (codes is: 300X or 30+XX = your team number) help you found your team when they match start and which tatami !!!

PDF-tiedostoTimetable Cadets.pdf (26 kB)
Last Year 2019
PDF-tiedostoTimetable Juniors.pdf (26 kB)
Last Year 2019
PDF-tiedostoTimetable Seniors.pdf (26 kB)
Last Year 2019